Rindert 406 - SPORT

Champion M1, M2 and Z1-dressage!

Rindert is the action-champion of all stallions of 2002. This very luxury and breedtypical stallion with much hair on head and feet was in 2001 champion M1-dressage, in 2003 champion M2 and in 2004 champion Z1. He's now ZZ-light dressage.

Rindert comes out of a line from champions. On motherside three times star pref. and all three stallion-mothers. His first foals were very good: 62 % first or second premium.The star percentage of his offspring is almost 60%, that is very high.

The offspring of Rindert made impression with the exterior and in the movement. In the ABFP test. Out of the judge-report: "The offspring of Rindert have much willingness and are easy to learn the riding and s howellements". Its progency scored largely above the average with high scores.

In 2012 three daughters received the provisional or the final Crown predicate at the Central Mare selection.

On the Stallions how Rindert predicate severall times with a first premium.
Rindert is approved on offspring, his descendants are the offspring study made with impressive results.One son of Rindert were approved for stud service: Wylster 463!

Numbers out of his action-examination: step 6,5, trot 8, gallop 7,2, saddle 8,3, sledge 6,7, s howharness 9,0, will for work 7,6. Totalscore: 83,5!!!
Out of the judge-report: “Rindert is a allround horse”

Size: 1,65 m.
Stud fee: euro 750,-- exkl.