Final KFPS indoor competition

The final of the KFPS indoor competition took place in Sonnega on 20, 21 and 22 February. Several offspring of top progenitor Beart 411SP have won championship titles here.

Dressage champions:

M1: Epke 474, ridden by Sabine v.d. Loenhorst;
M2: Franke PJ, ridden by Harmina Holwerda;
Z1: Up to date's Ulkje, ridden by Bobbie IJdema.

Driving champion:

B: Butemare's Wobbigje, driver Sjoerd Veenstra.

Reserve champion dressage:

Z2: Wylster 463 (by Rindert 406S), ridden by Leonie Evink.
Owners, amazons and driver; Congratulations!